Working Certificate/Working Certificate Excellent 2003


On Sunday September 7th the LRCP held their annual WC/WCX test. A fine time was had by all. We would like to thank our judges Dorothea George and Robert Shives for their time and willingness to help us out on a beautiful day. We would also like to thank all those who helped out in the field. There were a total of 41 dogs entered in both stakes. The qualifiers are:


Dog Owner/Handler

Willow Allison Roberts

Sunny Ellen & Larry Moon

Raven Margaret Wilson

Ollie Margaret Wilson

Monty Jack Jagoda

Misty Ellen & Larry Moon

Gus Margaret Wilson

Goldie Susan Smith

Curry Jane Bailey

Chloe Lisa & Tom Serfass

Cady Phyllis Giroux

Annabelle Fred Perini

Jack Alvin Hatcher

Mel Phyllis Giroux

Onyx Joel Greenwall/Jane Bailey


Dog Owner/ Handler

Cary Phyllis Giroux

Teddy Jack Jagoda

Shiloh Kerry Camm

Risky Phyllis Giroux

Rip Alvin Hatcher

Leisha Alvin Hatcher

Jack Alvin Hatcher

Heidi Carolyn Smith

Early Phyllis Giroux

Crazy Phyllis Giroux

Corey Cindy Harbaugh

Ceilidh Noreen McGrath

Belle Phyllis Giroux

Winston Jerry Serie

Chico Joe May /Jack Jagoda

Buddy Phyllis Giroux

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