41st Potomac Specialty

Best in Specialty Show

BISS CH Time Square Ulysses

Michael & Kimberlee Silva & Amy Oles (Owners)
Amy Oles & Laura Witts (Breeders)

Who would have guessed a dog that I had seen and admired since he was a puppy would have such an incredible story. To us on the farm he is just Uly for short to people around the world he is now BISS CH Time Square Ulysses.

On a whim at the Mid-Jersey Labrador Specialty I approached Amy Oles, his co-owner/breeder, after going Reserve Winners Dog and asked if she would be willing to let me bring Ulysses to the farm for a year to breed him to our girls and show him. To my surprise she said yes! We loaded Uly in the van, took him home, and immediately put him on the Spring Dell Farm reconditioning program as I call it here on the farm (Pro Plan/supplements/exercise/training). Each day Uly and I trained our bond and love for each other grew stronger. After 1 month he and I started to go to shows and in the latter part of November he won 2 of the 3 shows with both wins under breeder judges; the loss was from an All Breed judge. Uly picked up 2 majors and 6 points; one of the majors from Colonel Jerry Weiss which was his last judging assignment (An honor for sure)! Uly and I continued to exercise and train through December. I entered him in 3 shows in January and he won all 3 picking up two 4 point majors and one 3 point major to finish his AKC Championship! Kimberlee, Amy and I were so excited that at almost 5-1/2 years old he was a Champion. A title I thought he should have had long ago as a youngster and his breeder, Amy, deserved.

January passed, then February and then came March. It was time to enter Potomac. Amy kept asking if he was in coat as people wanted to see him. I told her that he looked better than ever and that I would enter him for her since people wanted to see him. I would never have guessed that in his 7th show ever with me he would fulfill a dog show career dream of mine of being awarded Best Of Breed at the most revered and largest Labrador Specialty in the world. For that I thank him and for Amy Oles who trusted Kim and I to care for him.

I would also like to thank Mrs. Jan Grannemann for recognizing Ulysses and for the honor of being her 2016 Potomac Best of Breed winner. I would also like to thank all of the judges: Mr. Colonel Weiss (Lobuff), Ms. Andrea Robertson (Accolade), Mr. Robert Ennis, Ms. Valerie Walters (Ranbourne) and Ms. Nancy Talbott (Belgold) for recognizing Ulysses along this amazing journey. Without all of you it would have never been possible!

With much pride, Michael Silva (Shadowbrook Labradors)