Updated 02/07/08
Updated 02/07/08

Tip of the Month!

Showing in Junior Showmanship with a Labrador is very hard. Getting three wins to move you from Novice to Open or trying to qualify for Eukanuba or Westminster can be a real challenge. Labradors are not the flashiest dog to show in the ring or so Iím told. I love my Labrador Gunner and I think he is very flashy.

Here is my tip to help you get those wins you need to qualify. I qualified for Eukanuba last year from the Open Junior class. I had a total of 8 wins last year and missed Westminster by just two wins. I had eleven 2nd place finishes last year. When looking back at all of those 2nd places I realized that all of them were at All-Breed shows and that most of my wins were at Specialties. This year I am going to try and go to more specialties to get my wins.

I think the reason that its easier to get wins at specialties is because Iím not competing against flashy dogs. At specialties there are Labrador judges and know how they are supposed to be shown versus the All-Breed judges that are looking for other things. Also there may be fewer entries in juniors at specialties and will also help you get your wins. As long as there is at least one other person in your class it counts as a win. When I go to an All-Breed show the average entry is about 8-12 in my class. My sister which competes in the Open Intermediate class averages about 15-20 entries in her class. That makes it a lot harder to get that first place win.

Here is a list of Specialties that are offering Junior Showmanship in 2008:

  • 2/9/08 Labrador Retriever Club of the Piedmont
  • 2/10/08 Labrador Retriever Club of the Piedmont
  • 2/16/08 San Diego Labrador Retriever Club
  • 4/4/08 Dallas-Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Club
  • 4/5/08 Dallas-Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Club
  • 4/9-4/11 Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac
  • 4/26/08 Southern California Labrador Retriever Club
  • 5/10/08 Labrador Retriever Club of Pioneer Valley
  • 6/13/08 Greater Boston Labrador Retriever Club - Show 2 **
  • 7/11/08 Rose City Labrador Retriever Club ** - Show 2
  • 8/1-8/2 Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Club **
  • 8/22/08 Twin Cities Labrador Retriever Club
  • 8/08 Sierra Vista Labrador Retriever Club - Show 1
  • 9/08 Iroquois Labrador Retriever Club
  • 9/08 Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Denver -
  • 10/08 Labrador Retriever Club Ė National Specialty

There are quite a few opportunities to attend specialties in you area. However there are many Labrador Specialties still not offering Junior Showmanship. If you have one of those in your area talk to the members and find out if they could offer it in the future.

I hope this helps and good luck this year!

Kaitlyn Sheaves
#7 Labrador Junior Handler 2007
#12 Virginia All-Breed Junior Handler 2007
#36 Maryland All-Breed Junior Handler 2007