Gwen Broadley

6/20/06 --- 2/28/99

Sandylands Kennels

Gwen Broadley The Labrador Retriever world has lost its greatest Breeder-Judge of this century with the recent passing of Gwen Broadley. In her long career which spanned eight decades, 79 of her Gundog Group dogs earned the title of Champion or Show Champion and included 2 Cocker Spaniels, 2 Flat-coated Retrievers, 3 Pointers, 9 English Springer Spaniels and 63 Labrador Retrievers. In time, the Labradors took over her entire kennel.

With the sadness that the death of this great lady brings comes the pleasure of looking at the mark her Sandylands line left for almost every serious conformation Labrador breeder in the world. It would be most difficult to find a pedigree of any quality Labrador in any country to which the Sandylands Kennel did not make a positive contribution.

It takes great knowledge, a strong desire and a long life to earn worldwide respect in one's chosen field of endeavor. Mrs. Broadley not only earned that respect but, in addition, the affection of the thousands of people in the Labrador community at home and abroad.

To own a Sandylands Labrador was an honor. To have a relationship with Mrs. Broadley was a privilege. To have her affection was a joy.

God Bless You, Gwen Broadley. May you rest in peace through eternity with your wondrous dogs.

by LRCP member H. Price Jessup

The American Trophy in Honor of Gwen Broadley

The American Trophy in Honor of Gwen Broadley

The LRCP Board of Directors sent representatives to the 100 year Anniversary Labrador Retriever Club Dog show in England in June 2003 to present the American Trophy to the members of the LRC England.