17th Annual Bare Bones Specialty Show for Labradors Only

All-Breed Obedience Trial, and

7th All-Breed Rally Trial

Friday October 28th, 2011

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Directions to Bare Bones

Bare Bones Results

Judging Program REVISED

2011 Bare Bones Premium

Warrenton Kennel Club Showgrounds

2301 Crenshaw Road

Marshall, VA 20115

(Rectortown, VA)


Mrs. Trudy Rose (Talimar) - Dogs and Intersex

Mr. Roy Cone (Waterbound) - Regular Bitch Classes

Dr. Fran Smith (Danikk) - Sweepstakes

Mr. Norbert Dee Junior Showmanship

Ms. Betsy Horn Humer Obedience

Ms. Betsy Horn Humer - Rally

Please note: Conformation is for Labradors only; all breeds for Rally & Obedience. Limited entry in Obedience and Rally, all Labrador entries taken first. Separate placements for Labradors.

Three Ways To Enter!

Traditional Paper Entry: Kill a tree, print a form, write a check, enrich the Postal Service and pray for timely delivery. You know the drill.

FAX: Kill a tree, print a form, fax your entries to the Show Secretary with credit card payment details attached. Nothing new, but it still works. And, if you must...Entries Closed!.

Online Entry: Plant a tree, pour a drink, kick back, click the Bare Bones On-Line Entry button below, fill in the official AKC entry form and pay online with your credit card or Paypal account. You will receive immediate on-line confirmation of your entries and payment. Pour another drink. Plant another tree...

Entries Closed

New Classes for Bare Bones

I cringe when I hear the phrase "all-purpose Labrador". But if a good looking dog can hunt, that's special. New classes at Bare Bones this Fall include Working Retriever Class for all dogs with a JH title, divided by sex, Hunting Retriever Class for all dogs with a SH title, divided by sex. We will also offer the Amateur Owner Handler class.

For More Information Contact:

Bare Bones Show Chairs:
Kim Stahl - rygwoodlabs@hotmail.com - Phone: 808-371-3461
Sue Puffenbarger - labbers@gmail.com

Raffle Chair - Val Taylor - labladyval@hotmail.com

Catalog Ads - Shar Pitman - brookhavenlabradors@verizon.net

Grounds Team - Charles (Bucky) Simpson - springbuie1@msn.com
Mike Creamer - buckskins2@aol.com
David Heacock - webmaster@lrcp.com

Rally Chair - Bill Ritter - rfamily10@aol.com

Obedience Chair - Donna Ritter - rfamily10@aol.com

Show Secretary - Susan Patterson - showsecretary@lrcp.com

Photography by Aarone Durocher
Aarone Durocher
51 Devon St.
Portland, Maine 04102

Catalog Ads

Shar Pitman is Catalog Ad Chair again this year. No good turn goes unpunished! But she happens to be pretty good at this so we asked her to volunteer once again. Full page ad is $25.00. Half page $12.50. Inside back cover is $30.00. Outside back cover is $40.00. Use the Paypal button below and email your ad copy directly to Shar. See detailed instructions below. SPECIAL NOTE: Please see "Show Sponsorships" below that include a FREE FULL PAGE ad.

Catalog Ad Instructions & Contract

Catalog Ad Options

Raffle Donations

Val Taylor is the Raffle Chair for Bare Bones. She needs your help to make this the best Bare Bones raffle ever! Scratch your head. Think creatively. There MUST be SOMETHING you could donate. The Show Committee is grateful for your continued support of our Bare Bones Raffle. Let's have fun! You can always reach Val at labladyval@hotmail.com


The Show Committee welcomes and appreciates cash donations to support production of this "bare bones" specialty show. Donors may use the Paypal button below to make cash donations or mail your check, payable to the LRCP, to the Show Secretary, Susan Patterson.

Show Sponsorships

To further support production of this specialty the Show Committee has created a special sponsorship opportunity. Sponsorship packages are $250 and include a FULL PAGE show catalog ad and a web page ad to run on www.lrcp.com from September 1 through December 31, 2011. Web ads will run in the sidebar of this site below the Eukanuba ad. Imagine your kennel logo with a direct, clickable link to your web site approximately 240 pixels wide and 60 pixels high. Please see Eukanuba and Milltowne ads in the sidebar at left. Interested parties should contact David Heacock - webmaster@lrcp.com for more details and/or assistance with your ad. And, as you might expect in this day and age, the Club reserves the right to refuse any ad deemed inappropriate or for any other reason.

Catalog Sales

Exhibitors using online entry, fax entry or traditional paper entry can order prepaid catalogs with their entry. To minimize waste, the Show Committee is encouraging exhibitors to order prepaid show catalogs, as a very limited number of catalogs will be available for sale at the show. Alternatively, you may order prepaid catalogs using the Paypal button below until the close of entries. Prepaid show catalog price is $8.00

LRCP Supported Entry at Middleburg Kennel Club, Saturday, October 29th


Mr. Roy Cone (Waterbound) - Dogs & Breed

Mrs. Trudy Rose (Talimar) - Bitches

Ms. Jodi Martin (Carriage Hill) - Sweepstakes

LRCP Supported Entry at Middleburg Kennel Club, Sunday, October 30st


Ms. Cheryl Curtis (Erinhill) Regular Classes

Mr. Neil Martin (Carriage Hill) Sweepstakes

Three Days of Breeder Judges and Majors!!!!

Check out our Southern Hospitality under the LRCP tent at the Supported Entry Shows!

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