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12th Annual Bare Bones Specialty

RESULTS - Janet Farmilette (Mijan) - Dogs, Breed

RESULTS - Tom Shearer (BonaVenture) - Bitches

RESULTS - Traci Stintzcum (Buttonwood) - Sweepstakes

RESULTS - Karen Wilson Junior Showmanship

RESULTS - Debra Barrows Obedience

RESULTS - Michael Mooney - Rally

Directions to Bare Bones

Bare bones Flyer (.pdf)

Judging Program(posted here when available)


Friday, October 26, 2007

Warrenton Kennel Club Showgrounds

Rectortown, VA


Janet Farmilette (Mijan) - Dogs, Breed

Tom Shearer (BonaVenture) - Bitches

Traci Stintzcum (Buttonwood) - Sweepstakes

Karen Wilson Junior Showmanship

Conformation for Labradors only; all-breed Rally & Obedience. Limited entry in Obedience and Rally, all Labrador entries taken first. Separate placements for Labradors. Debra Barrows Obedience, Michael Mooney - Rally

LRCP Supported Entry at Middleburg Kennel Club, Saturday, October 27th

Tom Shearer (BonaVenture) - Dogs & Breed

Janet Farmilette (Mijan) - Bitches

Patricia Block (Sumo) - Sweepstakes

LRCP Supported Entry at Middleburg Kennel Club, Sunday, October 28th

Andrea Robertson (Accolade)

Three Days Of Breeder Judges and Majors!!!!

Check out our Southern Hospitality under the LRCP tent at the Supported Entry Shows!

For More Information Contact:

Bare Bones Show Chair - Cheryl Little

(540)368-0584 or whisperwoodlabs@cox.net

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