39th Potomac Specialty (2014)

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Conformation - April 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th, 2014

Puppy Match and Judges Education Seminar, Monday, April 7th, 2014

Four Rally Trials - April 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th, 2014

Four Obedience Trials - April 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th, 2014

Canine Good Citizen Certification

Sponsored By:

Holiday Inn Conference Center at FSK Mall

Frederick, Maryland

Directions to Potomac

Other Frederick Area Hotels

Airport Transportation

Frederick Tourism

Notes of Interest

The Holiday Inn Express has changed names. For the moment it is known as the HOTEL FREDERICK. And sometime this Spring it will become the COUNTRY INN AND SUITES. In all cases, they still take pets.

Shuttle service from the airports is available from Airport Express 301-668-4000 or www.xpressride.com. This is a labrador-friendly service provider.


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Breed - Susan Huntzinger, Riverlane

Bitches - Judith Charlton, Foxrush Labradors (England)

Dogs - Beppe Masia, Masia Labradors (Italy)

Stud Dog and Brood Bitch - Patricia Block (Sumo Labradors)

Sweeps Bitches - Joy Quallenberg

Sweeps Dogs - Dr. Kathryn Sneider, Aquarius

Debbie Barrows Obedience/Rally for Tuesday-Wednesday

Elizabeth Chase Obedience/Rally for Thursday-Friday

Judging Schedule (FINAL)

Schedule of Events

39th Annual Potomac Premium

39th Potomac Results

Judges Critique - Dogs: Beppe Masia, Masia Labradors (Italy)

Event Committee

Vicky Creamer, Show Chairperson - (301) 831-5323 E-mail: belquest1@aol.com

Krista Beal, Co-Chair - (301) 972-0977 E-mail: conclusions@erols.com

David Heacock, Assistant to the Chairs - E-mail: deheacock@earthlink.net

Mike Creamer, Assistant to the Chairs - (240) 687-8271 E-mail: buckskin2@aol.com

Cindy Harbaugh, Obedience & Rally Chairperson - (240) 446-1383 E-mail: pawsalways@comcast.net

And All Officers & Directors of the Club


Auction - Nancy Barnett

Catalog Advertising - Travis Scarlett & Lisa Weiss

Catalog Sales - Sue Lhotka

CGC - Beth Quinn

Chief Steward - Allen (Buddy) Voshell

Club Table - Sara Raynor

Concessions - David Heacock

Emergency Preparedness - Charles (Bucky) Simpson

B Match - Betty Dust

C Match - Cindy Harbaugh

Grounds - Charles (Bucky) Simpson

Health Clinic - Linda Ruelle

International Guest Hostesses - Sherry Jessup, Marilyn ReynoldsDorothea George & Debra McKinley

Judges' Education Seminar - Traci Stintzcum

Breeder's Seminar - Traci Stintzcum

Judges Welfare - Ruth Ellen & Tim Coffee

Membership Meeting (Tuesday)- Betty Dust

Member Recognition - Cheryl Little

Junior Showmanship Coordinator - Kristen Creamer-Allison & Beth Quinn

Parade of Rescue Dogs - Betty Dust

Potomac Gala - Donna Forney & Jodi Riley

Premium List - Vicky Creamer

Publicity - Chuck Winslow

Raffle Donations - Catie Clowser

Raffle Table- Wortley Ganoe & Keith Ensor

Ring Decorations - Tina Barks & Sue Simpson

RV Coordinator - Penny Kretchmer

Show Decoys - Cindy Harbaugh

Show Trophies - Donna Forney & Chuck Winslow

Trophy Donations - Sharlene Pitman

Photographer - J. C. Photography


All rights to TELEVISE, VIDEOTAPE, ADVERTISE, PHOTOGRAPH, PROMOTE or otherwise exploit these events are vested in The Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac, Inc. or in persons to whom assignments of such rights have been made in writing by the Club. All persons and animals on the event grounds at anytime while the events are in progress, do so by attending these events or participating therein, grant to the Club the right to photograph, televise, videotape, audiotape or othewise use their likeness and voice in any manner without further release or consent.

Special Offer for Purina Pro Club Members!


For all Platinum Members of Purina's Pro Club Program, Purina is pleased to offer One Free LARGE Bag of dog food per family for your stay in Frederick, MD for the 2014 Potomac Specialty. If you are not a Platinum Member but have submitted weight circles for at least 500 lbs of Purina food in the past year, you may order one 4 - 6 lb. bag without charge.

Please send your name, address with zip code and PPCP membership number to Lynn Heidinger at Goldenhse@aol.com, stating the amount and variety of food requested. Your request must be received no later than March 4, 2014. You may pick up your dog food at the Purina booth beginning Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

The benefits of being a Purina Pro Club Member just keep getting better!

Judges Education At Potomac*

The LRCP is pleased to present a judges' education seminar for judges and those interested in becoming a judge on Monday, April 7th with Dr. Michael Woods (Waterdog) and Clare White-Peterson. The seminar will consist of three separate sessions. The first session begins Monday morning in the Hotel Ballroom with a classroom presentation "The Labrador Retriever" by Dr. Michael Woods. The second session, Monday afternoon, will be limited to twenty five (25) participants and will be a hands-on examination of labradors. The third session on Tuesday will be ring-side mentoring. Each Monday session will cost $25 and will include morning muffins and coffee. Tuesday's mentoring session will be free, but participants must register in advance for planning purposes. Lunch may be purchased both days at the Hotel Concession in the Atrium.

Participants are asked to complete the following reservation form and make payment. (PayPal accounts OR any major credit card accepted). You will receive an immediate email acknowledgment for your reservation and payment. For additional information, please contact contact Traci Stintzcum at (717)657-2116 or email at foxhilllabs@aol.com

*Not Parent Club Approved

On-line reservations closed. Contact Traci Stintzcum for information.

Breeders Seminar Presented by Mary Weist

"Structure, Movement and Type in the Labrador"

The LRCP is pleased to welcome Mary Weist (Beechcroft Labradors) to the Breeders Seminar podium this year. The title of her presentation is "Structure, Movement and Type in the Labrador" which should delight everyone and surprise no one! The seminar will be held Monday evening, April 7, 2014 at 6 PM in a yet to be determined hotel room. The cost of the seminar is $40. Space is limited so please make your plans and reservations early with the following link.

On-line reservations closed. Contact Traci Stintzcum for information.

The Potomac Gala

Ah... the Potomac Gala! Veterans Night! The Silent Auction! Juniors at Potomac! The Live Auction! It's gonna be a full night of fun. As always, Yellow, Chocolate or Black Tie is Optional. But the fun is not. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 9 in the Hotel Ballroom. We have available, twenty reserved tables for you and nine of your closest friends for veterans judging and the live auction. Make reservations now (see PayPal Reservation Form below) for a good seat and a good time!

On-line reservations closed. Contact Donna Forney for information.

Juniors at Potomac

The Club is delighted to announce a program of special events for Junior Handlers attending the Potomac Specialty in 2014. Plan to attend a Parent/Junior’s Orientation on Monday, April 7th at 6:00 pm, during Pizza Party in the Atrium, after the Sanctioned B Match in the hotel Atrium. On Tuesday, April 8th, is the Junior’s Meet & Greet. Meet your follow Juniors and receive your show assignments and schedule for the week. Then get ready for the big Wednesday night Gala in the Hotel Ballroom, where Ms. Susan Willumsen will choose the Best in Junior Showmanship. And if you survive that, we are planning a Junior Handler Training Seminar/Pizza Party with guest speaker, professional handler Jennifer Leitao, on Thursday evening followed by Putt Putt and Pool Party. Friday during the start of Best Of Best lunch break, the two prestigious Junior Program awards will be announced, Best Junior by Juniors, and Best Junior Member, in Ring 1.

All Juniors of grade-school age are welcome to participate in the Juniors Program, whether you are competing or not.

Parents contact Kristen Creamer-Allison or Beth Quinn, LRCP Junior Showmanship Coordinators at , if you have questions.

Potomac 2014 Health Clinic

Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The LRCP is pleased to offer Heart Exams (Auscultation with Echocardiogram with Color Dopler), Optigen Tests (prcd-PRA, RD/OSD, NARC), EIC Tests (University of Minnesota VDL Test for EIC) and DNA testing. Please download the Potomac 2014 Health Clinic Flyer for complete details.

Please note that all testing fees are to be made payable directly to the testing organization. Samples must be mailed as a group from the clinic to get the discounted prices. To avoid mistakes, missing information and confusion, you are encouraged to complete your forms online before coming to Potomac, so that you can print them and bring them to the clinic. A collection and shipping fee of $5 will be charged per sample (Optigen, EIC and DNA) in cash or by check made payable to the LRCP, Inc. For more information about any aspect of the clinic, please contact Linda Ruelle, email: ruelle_linda@bah.com, phone: 703-327-3434 (after 5:00 PM)

To schedule an Optigen or EIC test, please go to the appropriate organization web site Optigen (LRCP134) (LRCP134) or University of Minnesota VDL) to pre-register and make payment. Please note that the Special 20/20 Optigen Clinic fee is 20% off the regular price. To get an additional 5% discount for a total discount of 25%, test forms must be completed online at the Optigen website using the code LRCP134. Bring completed Optigen form with payment made payable directly to Optigen. also select OPTIGEN on the form below.

All DNA testing will be done by cheek swabs only. Fast and painless. Dogs must not have food for two hours prior to testing. This includes treats or bait. Results in about four weeks or less. Bring dog's AKC and Microchip/Tattoo number. Test results are strictly confidential and will be sent directly to the owner.

To schedule an echocardiogram, please download and complete the OFA form and bring it with you to the clinic. Then, simply use the online form below to pre-register and make payment (PayPal accounts OR all major credit cards accepted). We will call you when the judging schedule has been published to set up an appointment. Discounts are offered for all tests, but require pre-registration and prepayment.

On-line reservations closed. Contact Linda Ruelle for information.

Canine Good Citizen Certifications

CGC Testing ~ Monday, April 7, 2014, Noon to 3 PM

Breakaway Action Dogs, Inc

900 E. Patrick St. , Frederick, MD 21701

Directions to Breakaway Action Dogs

The LRCP is pleased to offer INDOOR testing for Canine Good Citizen (CGC) for you and your dog on Monday, April 7, 2014, noon until 3PM. Testing will be indoors at the Breakaway Actions Dogs, Inc, 900 E. Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701. The testing fee is $20 and each passing team will receive a rosette. Please use the green link below to register and make payment (credit cards and/or PayPal accounts accepted). More information can be found at www.akc.org. Brochure for CGC available at http://www.akc.org/pdfs/cgc/GK9GC1.pdf

Things to bring: Dog's registration name & number(if you have one - dog is not required to be registered); birth date/age; proof of rabies & county registration; buckle collar and your dog's brush. Don't forget the dog :)

If you have any questions please contact Beth Quinn or 757-408-8010

For a summary of the tests, please go here.

On-line reservations closed. Contact Beth Quinn for information.

Catalog Ads

Deadline EXTENDED!!: March 7, 2014

To place a catalog ad, please use the green link below to reserve your ad space and make payment (credit card of your choice or PayPal account). A full page ad is $75 and a half page ad is $45. One photo can be used with a full page ad. No photos with a half page ad. Then send your ad materials to Travis Scarlett. Photos should be black and white and in jpeg format. Simple text can be included in a email message. Travis will crop photos as necessary and add text as you direct. If necessary he will send you a proof copy before submitting the ad to MBF.

Other Labrador Retriever clubs wishing to place ads may do so at the special Club Rate of $50 for an ad (no photo, no free catalog).

Please contact Travis Scarlett or Lisa Weiss if you have any questions.

On-line reservations closed. Contact Travis Scarlett for information.

Catalog Ads CLUBS ONLY

Deadline EXTENDED!!: March 7, 2014

Other Labrador Clubs wishing to place an ad in the 2014 Potomac Show Catalog should use the blue link below to make payment.

On-line reservations closed. Contact Travis Scarlett for information.

Obedience & Rally Welcome

The Club is pleased to host four indoor obedience and four indoor rally trials at Potomac again this year. On Tuesday, April 8, 2014, through Friday, April 11, 2014, each day will start with an obedience trial which will then be followed by a rally trial in the afternoon. On Friday, a veteran’s class will be offered in obedience and the LRCP obedience challenge trophies are offered for competition in certain obedience classes.

Additionally, the Club will host a Sanctioned Obedience “C” Match on Monday, April 7, 2014, for anyone with a Labrador wishing to participate. Please see below for more details and join us for a fun start to Potomac 2014!

All of the obedience and rally trials, as well as the obedience match, will be held at Breakaway Action Dogs, Inc., 900 E. Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701 (see link above for directions). If you don’t want to move your vehicle from the conformation show site, a “courtesy shuttle” to transport you and your dog to and from the obedience/rally site is available with advanced notice.

Not entered in obedience or rally? Do make the short trip over to Breakaway Action Dogs, Inc., to watch some outstanding performances by our wonderfully versatile Labradors.

If you have any questions, or wish to make transportation arrangements between the conformation show site and the obedience/rally trial site, please contact Cindy Harbaugh on 240-446-1383 or at Cindy Harbaugh

Directions to Breakaway Action Dogs

Sanctioned Obedience Match and Pizza Party to Follow

Monday, April 7, 2014

Location: Breakaway Action Dogs, Inc. (see directions above)

Entries taken from: Noon - 3:00 p.m. at ringside

Format: 10 minute session of practice “ring time” will be afforded each entry. All “first runs” will be completed prior to “second runs” and a maximum of two “runs” per dog being entered will be permitted. Time will be periodically allocated for “group stays.”

Entries limited to Labrador Retrievers

Entry fee: $10.00 each “run”

For more information contact: Cindy Harbaugh on 240-446-1383 or at Cindy Harbaugh

Sanctioned B Match and Pizza Party to Follow

With time on our hands and nothing left to do but dream up more fun things to entertain our guests, the Club proudly announces a Pre-Potomac Sanctioned B Match! Get out! No really! On Monday, April 7th, starting at 1:00 PM, the following judges have graciously agreed to consider whatever you have in your van or xpen. Not ready for showtime? Don't leave that puppy at home. This is the functional equivalent of the NFL Pre-Game Show, with cheerleaders and crazy beer ads and pizza party when it's all over sponsored By Dr. Rock Vali, DVM, Chinar Labardors & Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals.

Regular Classes: Saudjie Crook, Weathertop/Balrion Labradors (Wales)
Sweepstakes: Kaori Chiba, Norbulingka Labradors (Japan)
Junior Handler: Kristen Creamer-Allison (Belquest) USA

NO class division by color.

Regualar Classes for Dogs and Bitches:
Open - all dogs/bitches over 18 months
Awards will be for Best Puppy and Best Opposite Puppy
and Best Adult and Best Opposite Adult
Rosettes will be given to all placements.

SweepstakesClasses for Dogs and Bitches:
Awards will be for Best in Sweeps and Best of Opposite in Sweeps.
Rosettes will be given to all placements.

Junior Handler:
8 to under 18 years of age. Novice JR & SR, Intermediate JR & SR, Open JR & SR

You may pre-register using the form below. On site entries will be taken from 8:30 AM to 11:45 AM in the courtyard of the Francis Scott Key Holiday Inn. Entries will close promptly at 11:45, no exceptions. Pre-register entry fees: $15.00 for Regular Classes and $ 10.00 for Sweepstakes. Same-day entry fees $20.00 for Regular Classes and $15.00 for Sweepstakes. Each dog or bitch must be entered in the regular conformation class to enter sweepstakes. Judging starts at 1:00 PM. Judges will determine judging order to help avoid ring conflicts. If you have questions or require additional information, please contact Betty Dust at lrcpbetty@milltowne.com.

Don't forget: Pizza Party in the atrium when the match is over sponsored By Dr. Rock Vali, DVM, Chinar Labardors & Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals.

On-line entries closed. Entries taken at the Match.

Raffle Donations

Friends, guests and exhibitors may make donations to the Potomac Raffle in a variety of ways. Articles may be delivered to the Raffle table Tuesday morning as usual. Alternatively, you may mail or hand deliver items for the Raffle to Vicky Creamer for storage until showtime. Finally, the Club is grateful to anyone wishing to make a cash donation. The Paypal button below will allow you to make a donation using the credit card of your choice or your Paypal account if you have one. The Club wishes to thank all Potomac exhibitors for your continuing support.

Reception for International Guests

Sponsored By:

The LRCP is proud to announce a welcome reception for our guests from around the world sponsored by Paulo Cimerman and Dicroft Labradors and hosted by past Club Presidents, Sherry Jessup, Marilyn Reynolds and Dorothea George. Please join us in the Hotel Atrium Thursday evening at 5:00 PM for a glass of wine and light h'ordeureves.

General Trophy Fund

The Club welcomes donations to the General Trophy Fund for the 38th Annual Potomac Specialty (2013). Donations received before the Catalog is published will be listed in the Catalog. Donors may mail checks payable to The LRCP, Inc. to Shar Pitman at 17647 Wild Cherry Lane, King George, VA 22485 or use the following Paypal link to pay electronically with credit card or Paypal account. Donations must be received by February 22, 2013 to appear in the Catalog.

Motor Home/RV Parking

Exhibitors wishing to park a motor home or recreational vehicle at the Holiday Inn must agree to abide by the following "Rules, Regulations and User Agreement" and must make advance reservations and pay the applicable fees not later than April 4(see form below). The LRCP gratefully acknowledges the efforts of Penny Kretchmer who has volunteered to coordinate motor home/RV parking for the 2014 show. Please note that all RV parking will be assigned by Penny who has the full blessing and authority of the Club to make these decisions. Your cooperation is appreciated. Towed vehicles may be claimed at Henry's Towing in Fairfax, Virginia.

Motor Home/RV Rules, Regulations and User Agreement

On-line reservations closed. Contact Penny Kretchmer for information.

Vendors and Concessions

Vendors wishing to participate at the 2014 Potomac Specialty should download and read the documents below. Space is extremely limited. All vendors must complete the registration process and make non-refundable payment not later than January 15, 2014. Please use the Vendor Registration Form to make payment with the credit card of your choice or your Paypal account if you have one. New vendors should contact the Vendor Chair, David Heacock at 202-360-7037 or webmaster@lrcp.com to confirm space availability before registering. All vendors must sign and return the Vendor Agreement (FAX: 301-244-6656).

2014 Vendor Welcome Letter

2014 Vendor Agreement

2014 Vendor Tent Layout


Please use the form below to order tables and chairs for your vendor space.

On-line reservations closed. Contact David Heacock for information.