Fall Hunt Test

Once again, the LRCP will share a Hunt Test weekend with Back Bay Knotts Island Retriever Club for a Double Junior, Double Senior event the weekend of September 15 and 16. Junior judges for Saturday are Bob Samios and George Fiebelkorn, and Sunday are Roger Everett and Bob Louie. Senior judges for Saturday are (surprise!) Roger Everett and Bob Louie, and for Sunday are Bob Samios and George Fiebelkorn.

For LRCP members, on Saturday, Qualifying at Junior will earn you a Working Certificate certificate and ribbon, and at Senior a WCX certificate and ribbon. If you are not an LRCP member, you may qualify for these prizes for the additional fee of $15. Now is the time to start training, to be ready for September!

Spring 2012 Hunt Test Photos

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Spring 2012 HuntTest Results

As always, we are grateful to the members of the Back Bay Knotts Island Retriever Club for help in organizing and providing core workers for this event. All LRCP members are WELCOME to volunteer to help in any capacity...Marshall, Hospitality, Bird thrower, Equipment, Grounds, etc.

We will have our spectacular LRCP Qualifying Ribbons and Bird Bands to all Qualifiers, as well as special awards for all Conformation Champions of Record (any breed) and New Title completions.

Photo Gallery - Spring 2011

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Field Event Results

Spring 2012 HuntTest Results

Fall 2011 Hunt Test Results!

Field Event Directions

Directions to Weyers Cave, VA

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