WC/WCX Qualifiers

Phyllis Giroux, Field Chair, Kay Livermore with certificate and ribbon, Freddie Perini, Judge

A hale and hearty (read hot) group gathered early at Deep Run Farm on Saturday, July 23 to test their dogs and perhaps themselves. Seven teams qualified for Working Certificates and one for Working Certificate Excellent. It was quite a day for Kay Livermore and Marquis who also earned a UD title earlier in the month (see below). Congratulations to all and a special "You GO girl" to Kay and Marquis!

WC Qualifiers July 23rd, 2011

Deep Run Calypso- Phyllis Giroux and Jack Jagoda
Deep Run Belquest Confetti- Phyllis Giroux and Jack Jagoda
Conclusionís Peaches-Krista Beal and Clare Senfield
Teranís Wheatmoor Marquis-Kay Livermore and Terry Neider
Streetts End Denali at Wheatmoor Kay Livermore and Deb Brady
Deep Run Fly By Night- Rick Shields, Phyllis Giroux and Jack Jagoda
WatersEdge Abigail Adams-Kay Livermore and Elizabeth Atkins

WCX Qualifiers July 23rd, 2011

AM/Can CH Robnieís Aviator CD JH-Phyllis Giroux and Bonnie Anthony

Kay Livermore with Teran's Wheatmoor Marquis, UD, WC