Potomac Puppy Love

Judge Gunilla Ek "I could have kissed him forever!"

Photo by Sandra Balfe


LRCP (BREED) - Tuesday 04/12/2011 thru 04/15/2011
LRCP (OBED 1) - Tuesday 04/12/2011
JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP - Wednesday 04/13/11
LRCP (RALLY 1)- Tuesday 04/12/11
LRCP (OBED 2)- Wednesday 04/13/11
LRCP (RALLY 2)- Wednesday 04/13/11
LRCP (OBED 3)- Thursday 04/14/11
LRCP (RALLY 3) - Thursday 04/14/11
LRCP (OBED 4) - Friday 04/15/11
LRCP (RALLY 4) - Friday 04/15/11

Show Photos:

Show Photos by Carl Gernazio - Official Photographer

Lost and Found:

One pair prescription ladies glasses (Foster Grant)

Judges Critiques:

Judge Gunilla Ek
Mrs. Clare Senfield
Linda Porter - 6-9 BCY, 9-12 BCY
Linda Porter - 12-15 BCY, 15-18 BCY
Linda Porter - Novice, AOH, BBE, AmBred
Linda Porter - Open
Mr. Dan Clark
Dr. Christine Kofron

2012 Labrador Trivia Question:

What was the total Sweepstakes payout at Potomac 2011?
Answer: $6,236.25.

Another 2012 Labrador Trivia Question:

What state sent the most dogs to Potomac 2011?
Answer: New York - 102

Yet another 2012 Labrador Trivia Question:

Name the next four states after New York with the most dogs at Potomac 2011.
Answer: Maryland, Virginia, ______________ and _____________.

Potomac Feedback:

You can't say it was dull or you were bored. But you can say just about anything else. And we'd like to know. Likes, dislikes, suggestions for improvements, bright new ideas for next year, a tweek here, a tuck there. You get the idea. Email us at:


Guaranteed, the Show Committee and the Board of Directors will get copies of everything you send. So what are you waiting for? The WC, Labrador Trivia Night, the Sanctioned Match, the Gala, Juniors Program, the judging, the judgeing schedule, the climate conditions, consistency of the mud, International Night, cones, Health Clinic, parking, security, The Mouth of the South, Trophy Donations, Silent Auction, Live Auction, pizza party after the Match, coffee and donuts each morning, the lunch concession, other hotel food, catalog, Semen Collection, premium, prizes, catalog ads, MBF, Club Table, Ribbons, Trophies, Raffle, Lab Rescue, vendors, sponsors, Judges Education Seminar, Breeders Seminar, Black Lab Vodka tasting.... Please tell us what's on your mind. We are signing contracts with MBF and the hotel in a few short weeks so don't delay. Speak now. And, thank you for making this another wonderful week for all of us.

Pre-Potomac Match Winners:

  Judge Dog Class Owner
Best in Sweepstakes Match Julie Bedford-Pope 54 - Clear Creek BonaVenture Three Sheets to the Wind 6-9 Puppy Bitch Liz Martin
Best Opp in Sweepstakes Match Julie Bedford-Pope 02 - Dickendall Nervana Jealous Bug 6-9 Puppy Dog Richard Herr
Best in Match - Adult Mary McCullough 73 - Kelly 12 -15 Bitch ???
Best Opp in Match - Adult Mary McCullough 38 - Apolo 12-15 Dog Anne Hassett
Best Puppy in Match Maurice Givan 208 - ? 6 - 9 Puppy Dog Jen Van Schoyck
Best Opp in Match Maurice Givan 60 - Big Skys Eleanor Rigby 6 - 9 Bitch Steven & Shari Kirshner

Potomac 2012:

Tuesday, April 10 - 13, 2012.