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A "BIG" Win At Potomac

A "BIG" Win At Potomac!

Lenore Hamilton and CH BLACKWING SUPERFINE aka “Big”!

Best of Breed, Potomac 2010

Judges Critiques

My Potomac Experience by Winnie Limbourne

Non-Regular Except Stud/Brood - Mrs. Winnie A. Limbourne (Wingmaster)

Veterans - Mrs. Winnie A. Limbourne (Wingmaster)

Bitches - Mrs. Julie Bedford-Pope (Croftsway)

Philippe Lammens - Hello Everybody!

Philippe Lamenns - 6 to 9 Puppy Dogs

Philippe Lammens - 9 to 12 Puppy Dogs

Philippe Lammens - 12 to 18 Puppy Dogs

Philippe Lammens - Open Dogs

Philippe Lammens - Novice Dogs

Philippe Lammens - Bred-by-exhibitor

Philippe Lammens - American Bred

Best Veteran Sweepstakes - Ms. Mary Roseberry (Rozzay)

Veteran Sweepstakes Dogs - Ms. Mary Roseberry (Rozzay)

Sweepstakes Dogs - Ms. Mary Roseberry (Rozzay)

Sweepstakes Bitches - Mrs. Linda Bednarski (Tullamore)

Veteran Sweepstakes Bitches - Mrs. Linda Bednarski (Tullamore)

BOS Veteran Sweepstakes - Mrs. Linda Bednarski (Tullamore)

BOS Best Puppy Sweepstakes - Mrs. Linda Bednarski (Tullamore)

Junior Showmanship - Mrs. Winnie A. Limbourne (Wingmaster)

Obedience Wednesday - Ms. Janet Lewis

Obedience Friday - Mr. H. Edward Whitney

Rally & Rally Pairs Tuesday - Ms. Janet Lewis

Rally & Rally Team Thursday - Mr. H. Edward Whitney

Potomac 2010 Results

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Potomac 2011

Week of April 11, 2011