Updated 04/14/09

34th Annual Potomac Specialty

Total Dogs: 1,081 - Total Entries: 1,554 - Cones: 355

Silent Auction Highlights

In addition to our famous raffle under the tent, this year Potomac will feature a silent auction Wednesday afternoon and evening before the Gala and a small live auction following judging of the Veteran Classes in the Ballroom. Listed below is a selection of items you may bid on. Please check this page often as item will be added until the show begins!

For other show details go HERE!

Olé Clare!

Ole Clare

The semi official 34th Annual Potomac Specialty poster, from a photo of unknown origin, taken at a moment of uncertain candor and offered as a collector's graphic by unknown hands. Beautifully framed one-of-a-kind print measuring 30 by 40 inches.

Generously offered by the Board of the LRCP. Value: ?

Ken Bailey Framed Print 27 x 35

Ken Bailey Print

"Three Lab Bakery" by Ken Bailey. Mounted, framed ready to hang in you living room or kennel or both or one and the same! Famous cakes: Chocolate, Black Forest and Lemon Yellow

Offered by Cheryl Little. Value: A Sweet Deal!

1938 Life Magazine featuring “The Labrador”

Excellent Condition. This is the whole magazine, currently in a frame for display. "December 12, 1938. Price 10 cents"

Offered by Krista Beal and David Heacock. Value: Priceless

Hand-Made Puppy Caps

Exclusive Design - not available in stores or catalogs. Yet

Margaret Wilson Caps

Keep your head warm and your ears toasty while showing your love of Labs with a sense of humor.

Lovingly hand-knitted and generously donated by Margaret Wilson. Value: What price can be placed on love and creativity? This ain't no sweatshop product, baby!

Professional Handling by Norman Granier


Spelling variations of this family name include: Grenier, Grenie, Grenyer, Grenye, Greniait, Greniai, Greniaie, Greniay, Greniez, Grenyait, Grenyai, Grenyaie, Grenyay, Grenyez, Chenier, Chenie, Chenyer, Chenye, Cheniait, Cheniai, Cheniaie, Cheniay, Cheniez, Chenyait, Chenyai, Chenyaie, Chenniai, Chenniaie, Cheniay, Chenniez, Chennyait, Chennyai, chennyaie, Chennyay and many more. First found in Ile-de-France in the seigneurie of where they have been seated since ancient times. Some of the first settlers of this family name or some of its variants were: Andrew Grenier who settled in Georgia; Antoine Grenier who settled with his wife in Virginia in 1621; Juan Grenier, aged 48; settled in New Orleans in 1823; Norman Grenier, ageless; settled, not yet. What's in a name? Turn you dog over to a professional handler and you will soon learn that some names DO make a difference! Winner must coordinate schedules with Norman in advance and offer does not include Potomac Specialty.

Offered by Norman Grenier. Value: $125

Baccarat Crystal Labrador

Spectacular Baccarat crystal labrador. Simply radiant!

Discontinued Crystal Labrador by Baccarat. Generously donated from, her own collection, by Ms. Betty Graham. Value: Priceless

Zeppa Studio Oval Platter

Zeppa Studio Platter

Hand painted earthenware oval platters are ready for service or display. They are generously sized at 11 by 17 inches with an inch or so indentation. They are microwave and food safe.

Generously offered by Zeppa Studio. Value: $175

Professional Handling by Jen Howard

Jen Howard

Soooo! You want to get your dog noticed in the ring! If this doesn't work, NOTHING will! But, if you don't want you dog competing with its handler, try Rusty or Norman. Not a chance the judge will notice either of them.

Generously offered by Jen Howard. Value: Priceless!

Spectacular Crystal Baccarat Labrador

baccarat lab

In 1764 King Louis XV of France gave permission to found a glassworks in the town of Baccarat in the Lorraine region in eastern France to Prince Bishop Cardinal Louis-Joseph de Laval-Montmorency (1761-1802). Production consisted of window panes, mirrors and stemware until 1816 when the first crystal oven went into operation. And they have been baking beautiful crystal labradors ever since! (Attention Rusty! This would look very nice on Jen's bureau!)

Generously donated by Paulo Cimerman. Value: Can you have too much Baccarat?

Stephen Huneck Friendship Lithograph

Mounted in an acid free double mat. Will be framed by the artist in a Vermont maple frame.

Offered by Gwen and Stephen Huneck from the Stephen Huneck Gallery at Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

Labrador Hobby Horse & Footstool

Footstool & Hobby Horse

Offered by The LRCP, Inc. Value:

Professional Handling by Rusty Howard


Turn you future champion over to a professional for one class and watch the ribbons fly! Winner must coordiante schedules with Rusty in advance and offer does not include Potomac Specialty.

Offered by Rusty Howard. Value: $125

Icelandic Sheep Wool Hats

Darcy Kane Hat

These hats come from my old flock of purebred Icelandic sheep. The colors of the yarn are naturally occuring in Icelandic sheep and no dye was used. The wool was sheared, washed, carded, and spun on an old wheel. On careful inspection one can still see bits of hay and slubs that occur naturally in the wool. The hat pattern is an original by Margaret Wilson featuring Labrador Retrievers in all three colors with their tails wagging out from the hats. Designed and lovingly hand knitted by margaret Wilson with wool from Darcy Kane's old flock. Hats are from Goldilocks. They come in Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear sizes!

Generously donated by Darcy Kane. Value: What price a warm head on a chilly Potomac morning?

Crystal Black Labrador, from Baccarat

A very special, and unique piece, from the most important and traditional french crystal brand

Generously offered by Linda and Robert Noll to benefit the LRCP Juniors Program. Value: Priceless

For details go here!

Jane Partin Original

Jane Partin Painting

Beautifully framed original painting by Jane Partin commemorating the 34th Annual Potomac Specialty.

Please note that the original will be offered at auction Wednesday night April 8th. The Club has available one hundred numbered prints for sale for $30. Prints may be ordered on a first-come-first-served basis in advance of the show by emailing Betty Dust (betty@milltowne.com). Additionally, you may choose to have a print framed by Jane, remarked or delivered unframed at the show. As available, prints may be available at the show.

The LRCP, inc. reserves the right to withdraw any item without notice.