Updated 08/07/08

Potomac 2008, Fond Memories

It hardly seems possible. Another Potomac filed away in the memory bank. A huge entry, fab weather, the best labradors in the world. And, all the world here to see them.

The Club is delighted to congratulate all of the winners. We'll have pictures galore right here in due course. Just beginning the process of sorting through 2,800 of them. And, as in years past, even with that number, we're still a little light in Obedience and Rally pics. So, if you were there and would like to share them, send them along to webmaster@lrcp.com.

Gallery One - 33rd Potomac Specialty Photography by Sandra Balfe
Gallery Two - 33rd Potomac Specialty Photography by Sandra Balfe
33rd Potomac Specialty - Gala Pictures by Mieke den Braven.
Rally at Potomac - Video of Deborah Temples in the Rally Excellent A. She won first place I believe. The dog startles at the very end due to a LARGE truck revving it's engine in the nearby lot. It is a testiment to her training that the handler got her right back on track.
More coming....Rally, Obedience and other photographers...as soon as I....

Obedience (Thursday)
Obedience (Friday)
Junior Showmanship

Lost and Found: As usual, we found a few things when the dust had settled and the field had cleared. Some have already been claimed. If you are still missing something (folding chairs not included)please send a note to webmaster@lrcp.com. We'll do our best to put property and owners together!

Judge's Critiques:
Ms. Siv Sando

Mr. Jon Roger Sauge

Feedback for the Show Committee: We can take it. We know it wasn't perfect. Tell us what you think. Help us make this a better show, for the exhibitors, the dogs and for little 'ol us.

We made a few changes this year based on your feedback last year. We think some things worked better. And some could still use a little tweeking. How do you feel about the judging schedule, the Gala, the juniors program, the seminar, the weather, the hotel, the hotel food, poop bags, pop ups, vendors, trophies, ribbons and medalions, the catalog, the public address system, hospitality, the premium, raffle, silent auction, the color of the big tent, rally setup, superintendent (MBF), stewards your name it. If you have an opinion, we want to hear about it.

Last year eighty four exhibitors or visitors took the time to send us their input. We distributed copies to every Board member and every committee chair. I can't really guarantee that they all read it, but the Show Chair did and our President admits he read them all. And, of course, I peeked at them all! There were a few downright unhappy souls and we contacted every one. So give us a shot. Speak the truth as you see it. We raise the tent, but it wouldn't be much of a show without you. Send us your thoughts atpotomac2008feedback@lrcp.com Thank you!