Updated 07/02/07

Ah Potomac!

What Happens At Potomac ... Is Sometimes Captured in Pictures!

Once again the LRCP is pleased to present a selection of evidence, suitable for use in court if necessary, from the gifted lens of Sandra Balfe. Evidence, that if you weren't having fun that week and you didn't get any lovin', you were some place else! Please contact Sandra directly if you would like copies of these for the judge or any other reason.

Just "click" the picture to see some of my favorites, or follow the links below to five fabulous galleries containing more than 250 already on file with the prosecutors.

Medical notice: Potomac virgins or others requiring therapy for rosette envy should should call the Holiday Inn Wednesday morning, May 9, 2007 at 9am to make room reservations for 2008. That is the latest from the hotel! Ask for Suzy. She gnomes best.

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2007 Potomac Results

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