Updated 09/06/07

Spring Hunt Test A Splash Hit!

"Periscope Depth"

Thanks to the new Field Events Committee including Vicky Creamer, Chair, Phyllis Giroux, Jackie Mischou, Mike Creamer and their relentless staff including Sue Puffenbarger, Sue Lhotka, Erv Lhotka and Margaret Wilson the Annual LRCP Spring Hunt Test broke all kinds of records! Using Entry Express for the first time 122 dogs competed including 80 Labradors, 16 Goldens, 21 Chessies and 5 others. That was 39 Masters, 63 Juniors and 20 Seniors. Lucy, the youngest handler is six (you won't have any trouble finding her in the photographs - her dog qualified!) and the oldest refused to declare.

As a special bonus, the Club Cub Photographer, Margaret Wilson captured some of the performances in 500+ photographs, almost half of which are presented here in four galleries! The action was incredible. The photography is stunning. Judge for yourself. Email Margaret if you would like high-res copies of any of these images and be sure to give her credit if you use anything you see here.

Juniors on Land

Juniors on Water - Part I

Juniors on Water - Part II

Senior Hunters

Regretfully, with only one Cub Photographer there are no pictures of the Master Hunter tests. If anyone in attendance is willing to share some, please email the webmaster.

Special thanks to the Southern Maryland Hunting Retriever Club for their expert assistance in running these tests.

2007 Spring Hunt Test Results