Updated 05/26/07

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With the polls now closed across the country, ninety percent of the precincts reporting and a few absentee ballots remaining to be included, NBC News is now projecting Potomac the winner! Those making book on the outcome will be delighted to know that totals already exceed last year's remarkable entry. And while final numbers are probably a few days away, dogs entered exceeds 1,000 and total entries exceed 1,500.

Folks in Potomac land are in a festive mood! Spontaneous parties have erupted throughout the watershed. And speaking of parties (as some of you have been doing a great deal lately) the Show Committee is proud to announce a cameo appearance following the completion of judging Friday. Little Red and the Renegades will entertain and delight while you gather your Potomac Raffle goodies and generally celebrate another memorable moment in Labrador history.

And just in case it matters to anyone, the current fourteen-day forecast from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is for sunny skies, seasonally cool temperatures and "hot" dogs!

Rumor has it that there are still a few rooms available in the Mid Atlantic area. Priceline is reporting some availability south of Richmond and north of Philly. And, in case you were wondering, cones are already out and traffic has been congested in the parking lot since last night.

And speaking or rumors, the Grounds Committee inspected the field where the greatest Labrador Retrievers in the world will soon be presented for judgment. All is in order. A groundhog hole here and there. Nothing much of interest. A couple of these little guys scurrying about in search of a good party it seems.

Good news for late planners among us: We have limited space for a few Seminar walk-ins! The LRCP Breeders Education Seminar will be accepting payment at the door for those of you who decide to come at the last minute. We still have room for about 30 people so you can still get in to the seminar on Tuesday April 10th. And, not that you need the incentive, but you might get a better parking spot if you come a day early. (That's Alice's humor, not mine.)

The Judging Schedule should be available here before the end of the day. Not sure what day, but before the end of it - time certain, as they say. Well, today is the day. Get your copy here!

While the rest of us wait for more news, it is worth noting that this year's Potomac Specialty will field the largest class of Junior Handers in the history of the show! And if you aren't entered to compete, you can still participate in the other events planned for Juniors by contacting the club's Juniors Coordinator. See the link on the Specialty page.

News on reserved seating at Potomac: there is none. Bring your chairs (and your tents if you must) and set them up as usual around the rings. And then share, share, share. All unoccupied chairs, including those under any pop-up tent are considered public chairs until their owners reappear. This includes the mentoring tents when they are not being used for mentoring. Don't be bashful. Sit. Stay. And break and run gracefully when an apparent owner presents three forms of picture identification to your satisfaction.

The Club is pleased to welcome Eukanuba as the proud sponsor of the 32nd Annual Potomac Specialty. You will find their booth under the big tent, next to the MBF table. And on Wednesday, April 11, somewhere between the Eukanuba booth and the MBF table you will find Yella and his co-star Justin Tackett stars of Ducks Unlimited's TV show Waterdog and host of Super Retriever Series as seen on Versus. Be sure to stop by and talk field stuff with Yella and Justin. According to Yella, Justin can hunt and he's cute too! Life's too short to hunt with an ugly owner!

Potomac is an international event. We have long had exhibitors and visitors from around the world. And from web server data we already know that this year will be no exception. Since the beginning of this month we have hosted visitors to this site from Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Finland, Russia, Poland, Norway, Columbia, United Kingdom, Germany, Nethlands, Japan, Spain, Argentina, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and Thailand. And last month that list included India, Denmark, Romania and Switzerland.

Potomac Auction Highlights: Dr. Edward Perraut who performed LASIK surgery on Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh and Patrick Ewing to name just a few, is donating a laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) procedure and one year of follow up care at the TLC Whitten-Perraut Laser Eye Centers in the Washington area. This procedure is normally priced at $5,200.