Updated 05/26/07


It's Just Another Dog Show...NOT!

Try Telling That To Keri Schooler!

By Dickendall Starfish - Horizon Dickendall Fat Toosday JH. Dog.
Owner: Keri Schooler., Marble Falls, TX 78654. Breeder: Keri Schooler.

Photo courtesy of: Karlene Turkington, TarKom Labradors

So how do you explain it to someone who has never been there! Where DO you begin? You won't find the answer here. You just have to be there! And a lot of folks were again this year!

Collectively, you brought 1,152 dogs and made 1,676 entries. Another record. But the real records where set in the ring where the most spectacular specimens of the breed were presented for judgment and the best of the best promoted to Winners Dog, Winners Bitch and Best of Breed.

The Club is delighted to congratulate all of the winners. And, as in years past, you will find pictures galore right here in due course. And for the first time, this year we hope to be able to offer complete video of the BOB class. That may take a little longer, just like the class itself.

Lost and Found at Potomac: You lost it and we found some of it. The folding chairs we didn't rescue! But we did find a bicycle, a pair of eye glasses, a silver charm bracelet and a set of keys to a Honda SUV. If any of this belongs to you, email the webmaster.

Lost and Found at Potomac: Chapter II: We also found an incredible amount of dog waste on the ground, particularly in the areas that were occupied by expens and most particularly in front of the hotel. Not cool. We are asking for your help to keep the hotel grounds clean. Next year we will have the plastic bag dispensers more widely distributed around the hotel and we ask you to use them.

Catalogs for Sale: We have a few catalogs remaining. Send a check to the webmaster at 22510 Shiloh Church Road, Boyds, MD 20841 with a check payable to the LRCP for $15 and we will send one along Priority Mail. You can download the results from the MBF web site and mark the results.

Feedback: The good; the bad; and the downright ugly: Give it to us strait. We know it wasn't perfect. But we think your input last year helped to make it better. We tried some new things: plastic poop bags in lieu of scoopers. We don't expect a lot of feedback here. Not everybody used them. The P. A. System was new. Buddy Voshell was happy. Were you? We brought our Juniors indoors with our Veterans for Gala Night and tried to showcase what we feel is a vital part of the future of our sport. And speaking of Juniors, we had a full program for Junior Handlers at Potomac this year, including a Welcome Luncheon Wednesday, and a Training Seminar Thursday afternoon. Let's hear from the Juniors. How can we make this better? And the Gala as a whole: Did anyone have fun besides me? I had a reserved seat and we know there was too much seating confusion in the beginning, but it was a blast when it finally got going! And tell us about the Raffle and the Auction and the Premium and the Judging Schedule and the trophies and the Catalog and, if you must, the hotel. There is a lot of room for improvement here we think. And how about MBF? The Club was delighted with this new team member. How about you? And parking and cones and ringside seating and pop-up tents and the weather and the color of the big tent and the vendors and the show grounds in general.....Tell us what's on your mind. Let it all hang out. We wouldn't ask if we didn't want to know. Send your email here PotomacFeedback@lrcp.com. The Show Committee and the Board of Directors will see EVERY email and every comment - just like last year! That's my promise to you.

Thank You! Let me not reach the bottom of this page without expressing the one feeling paramount in our hearts: We are both grateful and thankful that you joined us again at Potomac. We will work harder to make it a better show next year. But without you, we wouldn't have a dog show, even just a dog show. We hope to see you again next Spring.

Postscript: The Weather: We had four inches of rain last night with as many forecast for today and tomorrow. We count our blessings everyday.