Updated 09/25/07

Broad Reach Versatility Trophy

The Board of Directors is delighted to announce the Broad Reach Versatility Trophy! Donated by Buddy Voshell in memory of Martha Lee K. Voshell (Broad Reach) this trophy will honor the labrador retriever that has shown the most versatility over its entire lifetime. Martha Lee was well known for her ability to train a dog in several different venues.

Complete qualification details are available in the September newsletter and will be available on this site shortly. In brief, the dog must have earned at least one title in three of the five different venues and at least one title must have been earned in the awards calendar year. The rest of the titles may have been won over the lifetime of the dog. Interestingly, a conformation Championship is NOT required to earn this trophy! Additionally, the same dog may not win this trophy in two consecutive years.

The Broad Reach Versatility Trophy will be awarded for the first time in April 2008. A copy of the official AKC show record must be provided with the application for this trophy.