Updated 05/26/07

Saving one dog will not change the world...

... but, surely, for that one dog her world will change forever! Think about it. You're lost, alone, hungry, perhaps you just escaped with your life from a less than wonderful home or maybe your best friend in life is now looking down on you from a sweet place above. In any case, you need a friend. Preferably, a friend who understands what you've been through. A friend to get you back on your feet again. Someone to love and shelter you until you can make other arrangements for yourself!

That's what Lab Rescue of the LRCP is all about. Providing safe, loving stopovers on the way to a new family life. The foster home has many responsibilities. Most importantly, you provide food, shelter, love and exercise to the foster dog, essentially treating it like your own. Everything you need to foster a labrador you already have:

So how long will your new friend come to stay, to wash the cups and saucers and lick the crumbs away? This is difficult to say, but most likely less than a month and USUALLY far less than that. Much depends on the foster--how old she is, health problems, etc.--that might make her more difficult to place. Nonetheless, if you have a foster and are unable to keep her because you are going away or have had an emergency arise, you should contact your Lab Rescue contact and arrange for her to be transferred to another loving home.

If you have ever needed a friend yourself, and who hasn't, then you can appreciate what Lab Rescue does for so many in need every year. Won't you help make a difference in someone's life? It couldn't be easier and you've never felt better! Follow the Lab Rescue link above for more details and download this information package for more information for foster home volunteers. Maybe you can't change the world, but surly for one dog you can change her world forever!

Information for Foster Volunteers

If you can help right now or prefer to speak to another labrador lover, or mayby you just need a friend yourself right now, please call Lab Rescue of the LRCP at 301-299-6756, option 6.