Updated 05/26/07

Oh! The Club Picnic! You Should Have Been There!

With bountiful appreciation to Vicky and Mike Creamer for hosting this splendid day and to Jackie Mischou for running the WC and Alice Judah, Terry Nieder and Tina Barks for coordinating the fun, food, and games, we offer a few pictures to those who couldn't be there! Much food, much fun was had by all. And just to be clear, picture 36 is Aaron and picture 38 is Erv: they both got the bird!

Pictures are HERE!

Professor Mischou reports the following official WC "passes" for the day. 8 of 15 passed.

Wortley Ganoe - Penny
Clare Senfield - Kya (sp?)
Margaret Wilson - Allie
Krista Beal - Cole
Krista Beal - Woodford
Krista Beal - Foster
Kristen Creamer - Blast
Jackie Mischou - Lilly

If the Official Game Judges Judah and Nieder would report the winners of the drag dressing contest we could report them here as well. Picture 32 tells the whole story! Who was that lovely bitch?