Updated 05/26/07

Board Appoints Rebecca Coss to Lead Junior Showmanship Program

The LRCP Board of Directors unanimously approved a motion appointing Becky Coss to serve as leader of the LRCP Junior Showmanship program. Becky and her husband Lance have two children, Kaiti and Jessie who actively compete with Labradors in Junior Showmanship activities.

As the leader of this program Becky’s responsibilities will be to actively solicit the needs and requirements from LRCP families currently participating in Junior Showmanship activities and represent those interests to the Board of Directors.

In addition to developing the Junior Showmanship program for the LRCP, Becky will keep the Board advised of Junior Showmanship activities, program development and requirements by attending Board meetings as necessary. She will bring to the Board requests for funding necessary to accomplish program objectives.

Becky will be called upon to represent the interests of all families active in Junior Showmanship when the Board is considering plans for the annual Spring Specialty, Bare Bones, the Club Picnic, all field and training events. Members chairing these activities will expect Becky to represent the interests of all LRCP families when decisions are being made regarding the participation of Juniors at these events.

Becky will also be responsible for coordinating the promotion of LRCP Junior Showmanship activities by working with the club Webmaster and the editor of the club newsletter.

Finally, the Board asked Becky to develop and submit to the Board for approval an LRCP Juniors recognition program including an annual club award. The Board will solicit a trophy donor for such an award.

Congratulations Becky!