Updated 05/26/07

Bare Bones Is For Ribbons!

Judge Lorri Isenhath presents a ribbon to Kaiti

Congratulations to all who competed and especially to those who did so with gusto! A special thanks to those who did the heavy lifting including Cheryl Little, Terry Nieder, Sharlene Pitman, Ruth Ellen Coffee, Lee Peetoom, Bucky Simpson, Erv Lhotka, Becky Coss, Rachael Shatz, Alice Judah, Anne Maynard, Vicky Creamer, Buddy Voshell, Susan Smith, Sue Lhotka, and Aileen Tubbs. A special thanks to those whose names I forgot to include. You'll get here some day!

And lest we too soon forget, many, many thanks to everyone who donated items for the raffle and of course, everyone who so generously turned around and then bought tickets! And a SPECIAL bravo to Alice Judah who made and donated the wonderful labrador quilt. It now keeps me toes warm at night.