Updated 05/26/07

Hurricane Katrina Help Needed

Dear Fellow Potomac Club Members and Labrador Enthusiasts,

The LRC is asking all members to please help the lost and stranded Labs in the Katrina impact area. We have started a list of people who are willing to foster Labs that are currently crammed into the few operating shelters in LA, MS, and AL. If you are willing to take in a few of these fortunate survivors, please let us know, before they become victims. It doesn\'t matter how far away you are - we will find a way to transport them. (A Lab rescue group in CT is already making plans to transfer many Labs up to the northeast!)

Please visit http://www.thelabradorclub.com/rescue/katrina/katrina2.html and then let us know if we can add your name and contact information to the list by writing to:



Marcia Lucas

LRC Rescue Coordinator